Deployment Plan

Directions: Create a sample system deployment plan that can be used for the system application you selected (Waiting Room Solutions, AllScripts, Practice Fusion).

Not sure what a deployment plan is? You MUST search the web for examples. Here is one for California, sponsored by the US Department of Transportation.

Remember these are the questions you need to answer:
1. Explain what resources are required to ensure the plan is successful.
2. Make sure to include information about which application functions are going to be used.
3. What type of healthcare setting is the system being implemented in?
4. State reasons why this particular application was chosen for this healthcare setting.
5. Determine the most appropriate approach for system deployment.
6. Describe risks involved in the system deployment (for example, costs, time, system failure).
7. Explain how the risks would be managed.
8. Explain potential challenges in pre- and post-implementation.

This deployment plan should be about two to three pages in length and it should include any references that were used in 6th edition APA format.

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