description of language (TESOL ) analyse grammatical features (morphological and syntactic)

This assignment is the longest piece of assessed work and addresses an aspect of linguistic description. You have a choice of topics, of which you should choose only one option. Whichever area you choose, you will need to undertake some research and apply appropriate referencing conventions. In your writing you will need to demonstrate familiarity with and understanding of relevant terms and concepts in linguistic description.

Option 1: Carefully choose a short authentic English text (i.e. not from an existing textbook) of around 400-500 words and analyse its principal grammatical (morphological and syntactic) features. Justify your choice of text in terms of the relevant grammatical features that it exhibits; try to relate the grammatical features to the style, register, purpose, and intended audience of the text. You may wish to illustrate the syntactic structures of a few carefully chosen sentences with the help of tree diagrams.

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