Developing Stage – Illness

Topic: How diabetes affects performance and well being during participation during different sports.
1. Developed a coherent line of thought – (2 marks).
Additional background research is noted. Work can read well (2 marks) – Total 4 marks
2. Retains task focus based on identified objectives – (2 marks).Ensure all material relates to original objectives (2 marks) – Total 4 marks
3. Contains accurate details of the investigation – (2 marks). Each objective is looked at separately with all types of research adhered to. (2 marks). Total 4 marks
4. Accesses an appropriate range of resources as per the plan. – (2 marks). All identified resources in the planning stage are utilised (2 marks). Total 4 marks.
5.Applies effective research techniques – (8 marks). (How you did it) Accurate details of applying research is noted; clarity of questionnaires (who and where), interviews etc. (8 marks) – Total 16 marks.
6. Demonstrates effective selection and analysis of information – (4 marks). (What you found out) Relevant essential information discussed., analysis of the above research. (4 marks) Total 8 marks.
7. Applies problem solving techniques and identifies issues where this has been required. (2 marks). Unforeseen issues resolved – did you use your contingency plan? Secondary referencing provides extra marks (2 marks). Total 4 marks
8. Presents objective, reliable results. (4 marks). Results clear, use diagrams, charts, graphs etc. (4 marks). Total 8 marks.
9. Presents sound conclusions consistent with data and acknowledges sources. (6 marks). Conclusion clearly relates to original objectives; results consistent with research conducted, all sources acknowledged (6 marks). Total 12 marks
Total 64 marks available

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