Developmental Psych

Imagine you receive a phone call stating that you have long lost identical twin who wants to reunite with you (if you are already an identical twin, imagine that you were part of an identical set of triplets and your third identical sibling wants to reunite. Discuss your reaction to anticipating meeting your twin. What would your fears be about meeting your identical twin? What would you be excited about? Based on what we discussed in class and your own research, what similarities would you expect your identical twin to have with you? What differences would you expect to emerge from being raised separately? Finally, discuss how you would react to finally meeting your twin. How would meeting your identical twin affect your perception of your identity and uniqueness? What would it be like to meet your mirror image? How would you react to seeing the similarities and differences in your identical twin? Do you think it would be easy or difficult to form a relationship with your identical twin and why? You should use at least 1 paragraph each to discuss anticipatory reactions, expected similarities and differences, and reactions to actually meeting your twin.

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