Developmental Psychology Video research paper

Video Research Paper You will need to watch at the video below and write a research paper on the documentary. Your paper needs to cite sources using APA format, and must include at least 4 high level outside sources (which need to be discussed in detail). You will need to review at least five main points of the film, as well as your opinion on each main point, along with a review of high level outside sources (for each point you are discussing). (wiki sources receive no credit). Early papers (submitted prior to feedback deadline stated on the course web site will be reviewed by your professor). Papers average 7 to 8 pages with 10 font. Title page and Abstract are NOT required and are thus not part of the average number of pages. YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO TURN IN WORK ON BOTH PAPERS PRIOR TO THE FEEDBACK DEADLINE TO RECEIVE INFORMATION FROM YOUR PROFESSOR ON HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PAPER

The paper is written in a: complete, clear, coherent fashion incorporating correct spelling, punctuation, with one main idea per paragraph.An APA formatted reference page is included.Clear well thought out discussion of each outside source. Incorporate at least five high quality (based on who published the source, the length of the outside article and the depth the article investigates the topic) outside sources (sources other than thetextbook, such as journal articles or internet sources that meet the criteria of high quality) with working links.You need to discuss in detail (at least four to five well formed paragraphs) each outside source.Discuss in a clear coherent fashion at least four to five main points from the video you are reviewing.Include examples and opinion.If all above criteria is met, word count minimum for a low A grade is 3,400.

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