Digital Media and Politics

The question :
How is Digital Media impacting US politics? Examine the negative and positive aspects of it. Construct an argument. Does digital media contribute to better democracy in the US?

While answering the question use evidence to support the argument and critical analysis by looking at Obama’s election vs Trump.
-Please in the introduction state a clear structure of the whole essay.
-have a clear thesis statement
In the body paragraphs show critical analysis and support your argument while considering opposing writers that disagree with your argument point
In the conclusion state why it is important to look at this
issue, and suggest ways that can be done to solve the issue.

Use this reference as one of the references in the essay

Papacharissi, Z. (2010). A Private Sphere. Democracy in a Digital Age. Cambridge: Polity, pp. 80-130 (chapters 4-5).
Grading Criteria

Particular attention will be paid to evidence of reading and comprehension and the construction of a coherent argument. Written work should be skillfully constructed in terms of clarity, coherence, use of evidence, and sophistication of ideas.
Please consider the following grading criteria:
Reading & research Depth of research undertaken, range of sources drawn upon (both academic and non-academic)


Analysis & argument Rigour and logic of analysis; coherence of the overall argument; use of appropriate evidence to support arguments; originality of ideas expressed; evidence of critical thought
Writing Clear, articulate writing with good sentence structure; appropriate style
Presentation Clear and consistent format; Title page must include student name, id and assignment title; Accurate and full referencing that conforms to the University guidelines

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