Discuss the themes of Control and resistance in Dystopian Litereture

The examples of literature are; 1984, Brave New World, The Time Machine and Children of Men. essentially any 3 dystopian novels that have the themes of control and resistance. The paper is an analytical one.

The Introduction:

– This should introduce the idea of dystopia and make a connection to going from utopia to dystopia

– The the idea of control and resistance should be introduced

Section 2:

– This is where you’d need to discuss analyse the notion of control over the mind and body in the chosen novels.

– Key aspects of control could be surveillance, control of reproduction and designated social functions.

Section 3:

– This part of the paper should be about the theme of resistance and how it comes across the novels.

– Key aspects should be finding an identity, forming a revolution, taking back control of the mind and body and rebuilding the future.

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