Your medical facilities Chief approaches and asks you to complete two different tasks of both high priority importance and due within seven (7) days. In addition, both tasks have documents you must review to ensure the policies and procedures are ethical and legal because the documents were originally developed by someone who is no longer with the organization (hence, the reason the Chief is in a crunch situation).
You have 2 other personnel under your supervision. In addition, you work Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm and the week that the assignments are due, you are scheduled for a vacation day on that Friday. The regulatory bodies due not except request for extensions. In addition, you have meetings a couple of hours each day that you must attend.
Based on relevant background readings from any module (and other external sources as applicable), discuss: (1) the management style you would employ to accomplish these tasks, and (2) time management strategies to complete both tasks by the due date. Make sure you tell us how you would prioritize both of your tasks.

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