Discussion Board Concept of Mental Health Recovery and Using Screening Tools

Discussion Board 5: Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks

Choose a theoretical or conceptual framework that would be most useful for your area of interest in nursing. Consider how the theory relates to your:
Concept map
Project focus

Discuss why you have selected this theoretical or conceptual framework and how it might support your scholarly project. In your discussion identify:
Scope of the theory (grand, mid-range, etc.)
How the theory fits with your project focus
Does the theory describe, explain, predict or prescribe your concept/project focus?

This discussion does not have to be an epistle; we do not expect you to do major research to answer this question. The readings and VOPPT should be enough to prepare you. However, just give some thought to what conceptual or theoretical ideas might be useful to you and your area of interest. Hidden meaning: This is just a brief discussion board question; writing a major paper is not required. One to two pages in length is what is expected


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