Discussion Board Forum

Collaboration with your colleagues and the parents of your students is essential in helping you become an effective teacher. Your task for this forum is to make contact with a teacher actively teaching in either a public, Christian, or private school setting and to conduct an interview with him/her regarding how he/she effectively collaborates with both colleagues and parents. Make a list of at least 5 specific questions addressing this topic to use during the interview process.

In the first paragraph of your thread, share the dialogue of questions you asked during the interview along with the answers the teacher gave. In a second paragrah, discuss how you plan to use the information you learned about collaboration both in your interview and from the textbooks to make your teaching and classroom more effective. Be sure to support your thoughts and opinions with specific references and examples from your textbooks or other credible sources; cite these using current APA format. Where applicable, include Scripture references to strengthen your position on the prompt.

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