Discussion Questions wk 3

1. Research a topic from this week’s readings or discussions using available resources through Access, the CDC website, or the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) website.
Write a 275-word message on your findings in which you:
Identify the search topic.
Include a link to the information source.
Provide a brief summary of your findings.
APA format 2 references

2. Explore the drug section of the FDA’s website for available resources for health care professionals.
Write a 275-word message summarizing the resources you found and how they could assist you in your Nurse Practioner practice.APA format with 2 References.

3. Discuss Advantages and disadvantages of Over the counter drugs. Write a 275-word. APA format with 2 References.

4. Ophthalmic antibiotics, ear antibiotic, mouth and throat agents. Treatment principles , indication, and adverse effects
Write a 275-word. APA format with 2 References.

5. Discuss smoking cessation both non pharmacologic and pharmacologic. Compare smoking cessation products, gum, patch, nasal spray, and lozenge. Write a 275-word. APA format with 2 references.

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