Do democracies go to war? Unpack this theoretically and use case examples to support (and critique) your argument.

This topic is an International Relations and must use many IR theories and critical thinking, you can follow these to know how the essay should be; A.) Asking probing questions (including of the existing theories or ideas within a body of literature or a single argument/text)
B.) Evaluating arguments (and the metrics used within those arguments; are there any assumptions that are being made; are the premises being put forward valid – do they fit the evidence (see below))
C.) Questions about evidence: does the evidence support the argument (or to the degree to which an author or school of thought suggests it does? Are there counter-examples or new evidence that might invalidate an argument or challenge part of it? If so, what are the implications of this for that theory/argument/text?), i will provide a reading list and PLEASE ONLY USE SOURCES FROM THE READING LIST I PROVIDE. Please keep the essay clear with not many big words. Dafoe, Allan, John R. Oneal, and Bruce Russett. The democratic peace: Weighing
the evidence and cautious inference. International Studies Quarterly 57, no. 1
(2013): 201-214.
Rosato, Sebastian. The Flawed Logic of Democratic Peace Theory. American
Political Science Review 97, no. 04 (2003): 585-602.
Gartzke, Erik. The Capitalist Peace. American Journal of Political Science 51, no.
1 (2007): 166-91.

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Weisiger, Alex, and Erik Gartzke. “Debating the Democratic Peace in the International System.” International Studies Quarterly (2016).

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