Do you agree that a minimum price for al

Assignment 2 Essay

Alcohol consumption in UK has become regarded as an increasing problem in terms of health and social issues. There is debate about this on the media and within parliament. There is also debate in parliament considering ways it in which it may do so. A policy of minimum pricing has already been implemented in Scotland since 2010. The belief is that if alcohol cannot be bought cheaply it will reduce the amount of alcohol that people consume, or even stop consuming it altogether, thus reducing the health and social issues that are said to result from it. The government is planning to introduce the same policy in England and Wales.
Your task is to consider this idea, reading the texts provided and to answer the essay question with a researched, considered and supported argument.
You have a number of sources that relate to the issue a minimum price of alcohol, which have different perspectives and considerations of the issue. You need to read all these sources considering which issues are relevant, which sources are more reliable and which evidence is strongest in order to write an essay. You also need to find and choose at least one more source relevant to the essay to use for your research and argument and that shows you have considered different possible points of view or found further evidence to support your answer.
In preparing your argument/essay, you need to understand the sources and analyse their arguments and information, considering their use of evidence, patterns of reasoning and strength of argument and identify any flaws and assumptions made.
In writing your essay/argument, you will need to create a strong, well-reasoned argument that takes into account any possible disagreement and counter arguments.

You should use the sources that have been provided and at least one more source that you should find and choose yourself.
You should write 900 words.
You should use appropriate Harvard referencing in your essay and provide a full reference list.
You should include at the end of the essay a copy of any parts of your chosen source that you have used and referred to.
Use Arial/ Calibri/ Times New Roman font size 12 and double space your text. Add your ID number only to each page and add page numbers, preferably in a header.
refrence from the additional files and articles given
This assignment must be submitted electronically on Wednesday 10th January 2018 at 4pm (Week 12).

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