Economic Impacts on US Based Businesses

The purpose of this is assignment is for the student to compare the different economic systems and how they impact the activities of a US based business.
Assignment Steps
Resources: Microsoft Excel
Use the current US based business selected in Week 1. ( Apple Inc. is the Business I selected)
Create a 1,050-word report discussing the following information (Please use separate Headings/Paragraph for each bullet listed):
Discuss the different economic systems and how they compare to the US economic system.
Explain the impact supply and demand has on the pricing for your chosen business.
Create a chart using Excel as a visual representation of the supply and demand curve for your business and paste it in your Word document.
Explain how your business would operate differently if it was part of a different economic system.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. A Title page, References page, and Double Spacing is required.

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