Economic Policy

This is the essay question that you need to answer The events of the last decade have conclusively shown that the interconnectedness of the global economy seriously restricts the effectiveness of national economic policy-making and, in any case, the traditional goals of policy makers have been called into question.
(Critically analyse this statement) – ( use academic sources and peer reviewed material such as journals and articles etc).

write about the financial crisis in the United Kingdom, and where did it originate from, why did it originate from there?. was it due to global interconnectedness? – explain in detail. what did the financial crisis 2007-2008, lead to? it lead to Great Recession 2008-2012 – explain in detail.

include numbers and graphs or correlation analysis to show how the economy of United Kingdom changed as a consequence to the crisis. (before and after)

mention what policies were used in order to counteract the financial crisis and did they work?, suggest what policies could be implemented that would have worked as they have worked for other economies in other nations.(give examples)

explain how the crisis happened a decade ago yet it is still ongoing in terms of its spillovers and effects. explain whats been effected to this day. /(again provide numbers and graphs to emphasise your thoughts)

explain traditional goals of policy makers and call them into question, for example policies are given and made to increase social welfare(standard of living) – although if you look at Beijing their economy Is amazing yet there is so much ‘smog’ and people are dying all over the place due to the pollution. don’t you think policy makers should be helping the society in terms of this and implement policies to reduce the ‘smog’ which is carcinogenic rather than just help the economy and measuring income growth?(obviously use United Kingdom and talk about an issue in U.K, not Beijing). elaborate and again use numbers if applicable thank you, of course with references – use government statistics.

write the conclusion in the introduction, and explain how their are linkages between nations due to global interconnectedness and how this is a bad thing, should policies be national? or global? explain in detail. finally use things such as Portugal crisis and any other crisis in the last decades and so on to illustrate your argument about u.k. How can one government control its own economic destiny when economies are so linked?, so to what extent can a single government now control its own economic destiny?

the crisis in ongoing and is still happening and we are not recovered, so talk about the last decade and what has the crash in the u.k. triggered? for example Brexit?, maybe you don’t want to talk about Brexit but you need to talk about whats happened in the last ten years because of the crisis, and don’t forget use numbers and graphs to illustrate your argument.

don’t write a conclusion at the end write the the conclusion in/as the introduction.

Write a summary at the end, which summarises the essay.

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