Effects Of Sugar In Children

1 Abstract Page (on its own page)
~200 word summary of your paper (generally does not include citations)
2 Introduction (starts on a new page so this will be the 3rd page in your document)
(1-2 pages)
Include a clear statement of your research question
Address why this question is important (this cannot just be because no prior research has examined it)
Briefly, tell the reader what previous research has done and what your study is doing to move beyond prior work
4. Literature Review (4-7 pages)
Situate your research question in the existing research on your topic. What have other researchers found regarding your topic? How will answering your question contribute to scholarly research on your broader topic? Describe how your research plan is different from research that has already been done, or why repeating research on your question is necessary. Dont just summarize existing research, analyze it.
The literature review must analyze a minimum of 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles
5. Methods (4-7 pages)
Describe the specific methods of data collection (for our course, this will focus on an existing data set) you are using to answer your research question.
o What is the data set? What was collected in that study? Who was surveyed? How many people were surveyed? Etc. Be as detailed as possible.
o Why did you choose these data (what does the data set you chose to have that other data doesnt)?
Describe how you will operationalize your key concepts
o Explain your key variables (dependent, independent, controls, etc.) and how you are measuring them?
Describe the strengths and weaknesses/limitations of your chosen methods, and how you are attempting to limit the weaknesses you have identified.
6. Discussion/Conclusion (1-2 pages)
The purpose of this section is to present a cohesive overview of your research
Tie your study back into the literature review
Describe any recommendations for future research about your topic that you have discovered while writing your paper but did not incorporate into your own research.
o This could include limitations of your study, different directions for future research to consider, etc.
Provide a summary conclusion paragraph
7. Reference List
This should adhere to ASA guidelines
Should include a minimum of 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles

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