ENG 416 Syntactic Theory

1. Decide on a text that you would like to analyze. The length of the text should be no more than 15 sentences and no less than 10.
2. You will have to analyze the text “syntactically” by drawing the TP trees for each sentence following our phrase structure rules PSRs.
3. On each tree state one example of each structural relation we have discussed: Domination, exhaustive, immediate, precedence, .. (Structural relations chapter)
4. Draw two trees of ONE ambiguous sentence if you have one in the text. If not search for one from outside your text.
5. Use the constituency tests on ONE sentence to prove that the NP, VP or PP in that sentence is a constituent (it doesn’t have to be on phrasal verbs)
6. For each sentence you will draw another tree following X-bar showing the movements that apply.
7. Show one example of the binding theory (anaphor or pronoun,) on only ONE sentence.
Your Project must include:
1. Cover page: You have to have a cover page with your name, course, date, title of the project “Syntactic Analysis of .(for ex. name of the text).”
2. Introduction: you have to write an introductory paragraph explaining what you will do and introducing the text of your choice and why you chose such a text.
3. The text you will analyze.
4. Analysis of sentences as explained above.
5. Conclusion: ending your project and stating the major difficulties you faced and your final word.

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