Engagement and Persona Creation

Research topic: Why do Women Face Barriers as They Make Their Bid for the Prime Ministers Office in Caribbean Politics
Assignment: Engagement and Persona Creation This is an individual assignment. Ideally, you will choose topic related to your research.
Perform five (5) engagements related to single topic. That topic could be in either the opportunity space or the solution space.
Make sure your paper includes the following elements (the order you include them in the paper is not important and should be driven by the flow of the overall paper).
What space (opportunity or solution are you exploring?
What is the general question or topic that you are addressing?
How did you select your five engagees what thought process went that decision?
What secondary research did you do to prepare you for these engagements? (describe)
Describe your experience with the engagement process Enlightening? Awkward? Stupid? Other?
How did you organize the engagement data?
What persona did you derive from it? (More than one?)
Describe the dominate persona.
Construct a story
Support both your persona and story with data from your engagements
NOTE: For this option, in addition to your paper, you must turn in a summary and or notes of EACH of the interviews you conducted. This material (which can be scanned copies of handwritten notes) does not count toward your overall papers word-count.

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