Critically assess the organisations characteristics that facilitate the innovation process.
Plan and implement activities which could establish an innovative environment within the organizations structure.
Underpin your work with references to supporting literature and up to date research.

Company size, structure, locations, product range, market position

Innovation theories overview
Discussion of specific theories internal, external, traits, management, etc
Theory relevant to the business / investigation area establish of a framework

Critical analysis:
Market, business environment, competitors (consider PESTLE, Porters 5 Forces)
Facts from the company detailing the problem area (possibly including SWOT)
Identification of problem area to be investigated
Analysis of problem area based on the theory e.g. historic, structure, finance, resources, strategy communications, etc

Recommendations of proposed solution:
Current situation and proposed actions / changes collaborated with theory
Means of measuring success
Consideration of timescales and investments/costs
Changes required and the implications of those changes
Potential consequences of not following this action plan

Brief but critical reflection

References / Bibliography:
Appropriate academic references

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