Assessment Task
You are required to submit an assignment in the form of an academic essay of 3,000 words on the following topic:

To what extent might Brexit advantage (or disadvantage) member economies of the European Union and their companies? Critically discuss with relevant examples.


The completed assignment will take the following form:

Title Page: State the unit code, the title of the unit and the full title of your assignment. Do not include your name or student number as a header or footer in your assignment.

Introduction: Briefly introduce the topic; include the parameters of the assignment, what you will include and why, and maybe what you will not include, and why not.
Development/main body: Develop your assignment, with the most important points first, least important last. Use headings and paragraphing to show new topics / ideas etc.

Conclusion: Summarise the content of your assignment; do not introduce new points / ideas at this stage.

Bibliography: This must include full details of all references in your essay which are to come from a range of sources. At this level around six to ten different sources are expected. Referencing throughout your assignment and in this section must use the Harvard system correctly. See details available on S.O.L. and on the library site.

Further guidance:

For the assignment, it is important to plan your work carefully in sections, putting the points in order of importance (most important first). Your assignment should be clear and logical to the reader, and should flow from paragraph to paragraph. Make sure you analyse the topic, rather than being just descriptive; this is particularly important at this level. Check that you link the sections of your assignment together carefully. Set your work out exactly as required, and ensure you check your work for spelling and grammar. You must include appropriate references within your text using the Harvard system. Before submitting your work, make sure you proof read it critically to remove any errors you might have missed.

You are advised to refer initially to your core text, Suder, 2011, and you should follow up relevant references and case studies provided in the book. You should also refer to additional materials provided for this unit available on S.O.L. The Unit Guide and the S.O.L. site include a reading list which you should also consult. Additionally, you should refer to other books and journals in the library, plus websites if you feel these are appropriate; you will find that there is plenty of material available.

You are strongly recommended to read the Unit Descriptor very carefully, especially the Areas of Study and Learning and Teaching Strategy sections, as these clearly state the approach required for your essay, i.e. a piece of academic work examining European business issues, relating them to appropriate research and theories, supporting your answer with relevant examples, and proposing reasoned solutions in the light of what is expected of you (see the assessment criteria and learning outcomes below).

Any assertions you make must be backed up with relevant, correctly referenced examples throughout. Referring to appropriate examples is particularly important in this essay.

Do not merely give your own unsubstantiated opinions, nor simply copy out sections from secondary sources, whether cited or uncited, as this is academic misconduct, and you will be heavily penalised if you do this.


Your assignment is to be word-processed using Word, in the following format: 1.5 spacing, Trebuchet MS 12 point, fully, page numbering. Use bold typeface for headings and double return spacing for new paragraphs. Use the Harvard referencing system throughout. A word count must be included, otherwise the tutors estimate of the word count will be final.

Your assignment is to be of 3,000 words, + / – 10%. This excludes your bibliography section and any appendices. You are strongly advised to keep a computer copy of your submission should the need arise.

Please remember that your assignment may be made available to other students on the course in an anonymised form for their benefit.


All submissions must be made via Turnitin on the S.O.L. site for EUR169. You may upload your essay as many times as you like before the deadline, making changes and overwriting previous submissions.
Make sure you submit your essay to the correct place!

Late work will be treated according to current policy at Southampton Solent University.
Assessment criteria
Your assignment will be marked according to the University Regulations and against assessment criteria set out in the grid below.
Unit reading
Core text
SUDER, G.G.S., 2011. Doing business in Europe. 2nd ed. London: SAGE
Location: 382.094 SUD ; Mountbatten Floor 1A, Trade and Transport
Recommended texts
CZINKOTA, M.R., 2009. International business. Chichester: Wiley
Location: 658.09 CZI ; MOU Floor 1A, Management
SOMERS, F., 2010. European business environment : doing business in the EU. Houten, Netherlands: Noordhoff Uitgevers Groningen, 2010
Ebook – printed version also available
SUDER, G.G.S., 2011. Doing business in Europe. 2nd ed. London: SAGE
Location: 382.094 SUD ; Mountbatten Floor 1A, Trade and Transport

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