Read the 14 commentaries in the journal Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism that follow the Dabrowska (2012)
REFERENCE: Dabrowska, E. (2012). Different speakers, different grammars: Individual differences in native language attainment. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 2(3), 219253.

1. Write an essay presenting an evaluation of at least 8 of these commentaries on the question on conversion, engaging with both formalist and functionalist approaches, and make explicit reference to the relevant commentaries in your argumentation.
* Let me know in advance (by 20 December 2017) which you have selected to ensure a good balance. (TO GET FEEDBACK FROM MY TUTOR)
2. Ensure the essay clearly presents a critical view including an analyses of ideas and evidence within the commentaries.

*I will be assessed on the degree to which I show understanding of the approaches to linguistics, and the differences between formal and functional views of language.
* I am not expected to demonstrate detailed theoretical or technical understanding of grammatical constructs or statistical analysis, but I am expected to understand whether evidence from studies relating to my chosen essay is used to support the claims effectively.
* I will be expected to show evidence in your assignment of understanding research methodologies in linguistics and language acquisition, as part of my theoretical understanding and analysis skills.
* 12-point Times or Times New Roman typeface; 1.5 line spacing; 2.5 cm margins; page numbering on
* Number of references is open to whatever you feel is suitable.

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