Essay for Migrant and Refugee Wellbeing

Consider in depth a service that aims to meet some of the wellbeing needs of undocumented migrants, asylum seekers, refugees or internally displaced persons and which may be viewed as an example of good practice in the field.

What views of the needs of migrant or refugee wellbeing underpins the service?
-The rationale of the organisation, its mission, etc.

What are the particular challenges it faces?
Funding how is it funded
Retaining and recruiting the right staff
Small numbers of refugees in areas where organisations may exist (potentially)

How feasible do you think it would be to transfer the approach used by the service to another locality or country?

Please note that you can choose any migrant or refugee group and any international location. It could, for example, be an initiative for undocumented migrants in Norway, for refugees in Malta or Italy, or asylum seekers in the UK, or perhaps a support group for internally displaced people in a war affected zone etc.

It can be in the sphere of healthcare, including mental health, education or any other type of migrant and/or refugee support.

Some organisations:
Refugee council
Freedom from Torture
Refugee Action
Refugee Womens Association
Young Roots
Hummingbird project
Brighton Voices in Exile
PICUM international organisation on undocumented migrants

It would be good to potentially fill in gaps in information by contacting actual organisations

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