Ethics Assessment 2

Write a 2,500 word essay on any ethical, legal, or ethical and legal issue in healthcare. The issue should identify a contemporary concern, and the essay should critically analyse and evaluate it. Where possible, the essay should propose a solution to the issue discussed or explain why a solution is difficult to find.
1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding:
A critical awareness of contemporary ethical and legal problems in healthcare and a comprehensive appreciation of relevant ethical and legal theories and concepts and their applicability to these problems.
2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities:
Analyse healthcare practices and needs in order to identify and critically evaluate the ethical and legal challenges facing healthcare practitioners, patients and society, and to justify and defend potential solutions to the ethical and legal problems.
Threshold Standards:
In order to pass Assessment 2 you will need to meet the following three Threshold Standards:

Demonstrate knowledge and critical awareness of a current ethical and/or legal issue in contemporary healthcare, which is informed by literature and research at the forefront of the discipline.
Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of relevant ethical and/or legal theories and concepts and a critical appreciation of how they are applicable to the chosen assessment topic.
Demonstrate a critical and systematic analysis, and provide a well-argued and creative evaluation of the ethical and/or legal problems and challenges raised by the healthcare issue addressed in assessment.

Guidelines for this Assessment:
The assessment provides an opportunity for you to explore, analyse and evaluate the ethical and/or legal issues of a contemporary issue in healthcare. In so doing, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of your chosen topic and the fundamental moral and legal issues in healthcare more generally. You should also demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the relevant ethical theories and/or legal concepts by carefully applying and critically evaluating this application, to your topic.

Your essay should be fully referenced using the Harvard system refer to the University referencing guidelines for full details. These can be found in BREO and the website of the Library.

Marking Criteria for this Assessment Markers will take the following criteria into account when allocating marks:
Written expression and structure;
Use of literature and referencing;
Issue handling/argument construction;
Quality of understanding and analysis of the topic(s), theories and concepts;
Quality of critical evaluation of the topic(s) and the application of the theories and concepts.

Word Allowance for this Assessment The word allowance for this essay is 2,500 words.
If you exceed the stipulated number of words by a margin of more than 10%, only the first part of the text up to the stipulated assignment limit will be graded.
All words used in the main body of the assignment are included in the word count. This includes words in tables, diagrams, references in the text and direct quotations.
The word count does not include the reference list, bibliography or appendices.
You should state the word count at the end of the assignment after the conclusion

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