Exploring legal meaning

Question 1
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of at least two of the research methods explored in Blocks, 2, 3 and 4.
Question 2
Outline your view of legal meaning
Advice on answering TMA 02
The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate your:
understanding of the historical approach and comparative and socio-legal perspectives on legal meaning
skills in discussing relevant literature, research and developments
ability to develop an argument based on your discussion
aptitude in critically evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches/perspectives
skills in finding and using appropriate resources
understanding of the concept of legal meaning.
Ensure that you accurately reference any sources of material, legal or otherwise, used in your assignment. A failure to do so is likely to breach the Universitys policy on plagiarism, which can have serious consequences. The Law postgraduate qualification websites referencing guide outlines the correct format of referencing to be used in this module.
The overall word limit for this assignment is 2000 words. You will note that the marks available for each question are indicated in brackets. You should therefore allocate the word count for each question accordingly. The consequences of exceeding the overall word limit are set out in the Assessment section of the Law postgraduate qualification site. This is on the right-hand menu within the Study support section.
Question 1
This question draws on the information given on the historical approach (Block 2), the comparative perspective (Block 3) and the socio-legal perspective (Block 4). You should discuss at least two of these approaches/perspectives.
You are also expected to undertake further independent reading to deepen your understanding of these approaches/perspectives. The OU Library contains a wide range of legal resources to help you answer this question.
You may wish to draw on the discussions of abortion, children in criminal proceedings and the role of the media in family courts to illustrate your answer. Alternatively, examples from other appropriate resources may be used.
The question requires you to discuss the differences and similarities between the approaches/perspectives. You may wish to consider:
the key characteristics of the approaches/perspectives
a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the approaches/perspectives
similarities and differences between the approaches/perspectives
different situations in which each approach/perspective may be appropriate
a consideration of which approach/perspective has the most or least potential for the legal researcher.
Your answer should be presented in essay format and written in the third person, as outlined in the Assessment section of the Law postgraduate qualification site. This is on the right-hand menu within the Study support section.
Question 2
This question asks to you explain your view of legal meaning. Legal meaning is referred to in the Module guide as the place and meaning of law in the modern world. You may draw on the module blocks, your independent reading, and discussions on your tutor group forums and/or in tutorials to answer this question.
You may write in the first person when answering this question.
Learning outcomes
TMA 02 will enable you to demonstrate the following learning outcomes of the module:
Question 1
identify and explain the key characteristics of the chosen approaches/perspectives
critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen approaches/perspectives
use and reference appropriate academic sources
communicate your knowledge to specialist and non-specialist audiences clearly and within an appropriate structure
Question 2
demonstrate an awareness of how legal meaning can be viewed.

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