Factors affecting employee retention in Mobile One Pte Ltd in Singapore

Chapter 1: Introduction
(Why this research title was found? Why is this topic interesting- find latest article)

Chapter 2: Research Objective Link to title

Chapter 3: Research Methodology
– Choice of Primary VS Secondary Data (Need to justify why)
– Qualitative VS Quantitative Analysis (Need to justify why)
Qualitative To include bar chart, pie chart
– Either 1 primary data (like interviews or surveys) or 1 case study (published) or 2-3 case studies (mainly Harvard Business Review) for effective comparison.

Chapter 4- Findings & Analysis
– Cross analysis between case studies or primary data VS literature review covering each of the research objectives.
– Start with key issues or points for each research objectives using case studies or primary data findings and those from literature review to derive similarity or difference.
TO NOTE if got difference, dont worry, justify will do.

Important pointers:
(1) Research title: Indicative Scope and narrow down to talk about a company (case study)
(2) 3 Research Objectives
(3) Each Research Objective to find 10 academic articles professional / academic
(4) Research Method Primary
– Secondary (case study) (published) (semi- academic)

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