Failure of health research to translate into practice

Part one:
Thinking of your own area of practice – education in nursing, and using the NICS levels of health care (Table 1 in the attached word document), to what extent do these resonate with you in terms of barriers to adopting research knowledge? Refer to table and article by Green, L and Seifert, C. (2006) in word document please.

Part Two:
Is there an expectation in your area of work that you will keep up to date with new knowledge? How realistic is this? How do you do this? Are there professional obligations (eg registration requirements) and/or individual responsibilities? If you have not encountered this expectation in your work area, comment (based on your reading and experience) on how realistic it is to keep up with new knowledge and ways to do this as well as the probable obligations and responsibilities involved. (Glasziou, P. and Haynes, B. (2005).

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