Farewell Address

I will provide the documents and link to the video
The Primary Source Assignment includes a set of primary sources (2 written documents and 1 video) relating to the time period being covered in Unit 3. Using all of the documents provided in the set, write an essay based on the following guidelines.
VIDEO LINK: Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Farewell Address” (1961) – https://youtu.be/OyBNmecVtdU
2) For the content of your paper:
Describe the primary arguments explained in documents 1 and 2.
Using the textbook and videos explain how the ideas in documents 1 and 2 shaped U.S. foreign policy from 1945-1960.
Watch the linked video. What does Eisenhower say about the Cold War? How does his message reflect the ideas from documents 1 and 2? What warnings does he give for the future?

3) Writing Requirements: Each PSA must be more than 500 words in length. Direct quotes do not count toward the required word count.
4) Research and Citations: This assignment does not require any outside research and can be completed using the documents, the textbook, and the videos. In the case of these sources, only direct quotes need to be cited, requiring only the authors last name in parentheses. Outside sources (books, websites, etc.) may also be used, but in this case all information must be cited and must be listed in a works cited (or bibliography) at the end of the essay. For your citations, please use Chicago, MLA, or APA. You will submit your paper through plagiarism checking software, so be sure to cite any and all direct quotes. For help with citations, see the “History / Writing Help” section of the course menu.

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