Field Supervision in Social Work Practicum

Read the following paragraph carefully.
The field practicum is understood as the signature pedagogy in social work education. Trained social workers in their role as field instructors provide supervision to the student social workers placed with them. However, different field instructors understand and interpret the CSWE EPAS core competencies (2008, 2015) differently. This different understanding and the interpretation of the core competencies creates confusion among students. Such confusion is particularly visible during the field seminars when students getting supervision from different field instructors share their learning from the field practicum.
With this background in mind, conduct a thorough literature review using following points.
1. Signature pedagogy in practice professions such as nursing, education, law and social work. (minimum two pages)
2. Competency-based education versus traditional education (minimum two pages)
3. Mentor efficacy / Supervisor efficacy in field education/practice education such as nursing, education, law and social work. (minimum three pages)
4. Challenges in social work supervision, e.g. supervisor burnout (minimum two pages)
5. Social workers in the role as field instructors: challenges (minimum two pages)
6. Competencies required for providing supervision to the student social workers (minimum two pages)
7. Ethical issues in social work supervision (minimum three pages)
8. Relationship between student social workers and their field instructors (minimum two pages)
9. Your own learning from the literature review (minimum four pages)
10. Conclusion ((minimum two pages)
Instruction about writing
a) Use above mentioned 10 themes to present your literature review. Provide the same serial number as above for the themes.
b) Use Toulmin method to present your literature review in argumentative style.
c) You must use minimum 60 scholarly articles published in social work or closely related professional journals.
d) Start your literature review using relevant articles from the following Journals. However, do not limit your search to these journals only.
i. Clinical Social Work Journal
ii. Field Educator
iii. Journal of Social Work Education
iv. Journal of Practice, Teaching, and Learning
v. International Social Work
e) This research paper should be submitted in an APA style, with at least 25 pages (minimum 6875 words).
Plagiarism check will be used before grading the paper

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