financial analysis of Best Buy

Assignment: Financial Analysis Report
This assignment applies some of the principles of accounting analysis learned in this course, by analyzing the financial statements of a real company. The assignment is to be done individually. Each student must select a different public company, on a first come first serve basis. Once you have selected your company, be sure no one else has chosen that company by indicating this on our Blackboard course website. You will be able to find the financial information about the company on the company’s website or through other research methods.
Due Date: January 15, 2018. To be submitted in-class.
Part A:
Prepare a written report containing the following information:
a)Name of company
b)List of the products sold or services performed
c)Date of the financial statements
d)A list of five key ratios.

Part B:
Prepare a paragraph analysis and summary of the major financial and non-financial strengths and weaknesses of the firm (approximately half a page). Be sure to include the companys strategies for solving its problems and its outlook for the future.

Part C:
Based on the analysis you have performed, provide a brief paragraph explanation as to why you would or would not invest $10,000 in this company.

Additional Requirements:
Company web pages may be a source of additional info, but keep in mind the date of your annual report.
Include a title page and your sources.
Your analysis should be no more than 2 pages.

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