Finding, Evaluating & Applying Evidence

Part A: Finding evidence, evaluating evidence, making recommendations-
In this assignment you are required to choose one of the original research that you provided a citation for and a link for from the first assignment (Written Online tests Part A).Identify the scenario, provide a citation for the article and also provide the search terms and search parameters used to obtain the article .
Identify whether the article is reporting on a qualitative piece of research or a quantitative piece of research or mixed methods, or a systematic review.
(NB please do not use discussion articles, literature reviews or protocol papers).
Read the article and then summarise your own views/critique of the article. Identify why you chose the article and why it will be a valuable and reliable source of evidence. Use the literature on critiquing research article to support your ideas.
Ensure in your answer that you cover the following points:
Is it trustworthy? Can you believe it?
What impact does it have? Is it clinically important?
Attach the article as a separate document.
Now evaluate the article using an appropriate CASP Tool (see learning modules for CASP information resources and Chapter 12 in the text) for the type of article that you choose. (Hint: as well as a brief overview of how your article does or does not meet the relevant CASP criteria you should in your discussion address each of the CASP criteria/heading/points).
Part B: Knowledge translation

Discuss how evidence can be applied in the clinical context with particular reference to the article that you have found. Your discussion should also include how application of evidence into practice be evaluated with reference specifically to the evidence you have found? (Hint:Chapters 15, 16 &17 will help with this section).
Structure and presentation
This assignment is a piece of academic writing and needs to be structured as such, with an introduction (Hint: the article you chose and identifying the type of research it reports on would be a useful introduction), body-this would be your initial appraisal of the article plus a more formal structured appraisal using a CASP tool, conclusion (Hint: allow word allocation from Part B to do a conclusion) and sub-headings as needed. Use the marking criteria to guide you with respect to aspects of presentation and formatting of this assignment.

Written Online test Part A : It requires you to place yourself in the shoes of a practicing clinician who is seeking the best outcome for the person(s) for whom they are caring. Often there are a range of treatment options available to us. To make the most appropriate decision we need the best most reliable information and good understanding of the patient and their context. Sourcing and critiquing research is central to making good decisions.Consider this scenario from practice:
As an adolescent health worker you are concerned about cyber bullying and that it maybe an issue for your clients.

Reminders from the unit coordinator :
-Your article is your response to addressing the problem identified in the scenario. It is helpful for you to describe the relationship between the scenario and your article.

You will need to briefly describe how your article addresses the issues that are raised in the scenario. You do not need to include the scenario verbatim.

You will need to support your discussion with information about evidence-based practice (I haven’t done that below – just a basic example of how a scenario and mention of your article might be integrated to craft some of your introduction).



You are a pharmacist supporting an ageing rural community. You have noticed an increase in people who have multiple medications to help with the management of their chronic diseases. You are concerned with the potential for adverse events and hospital admissions due to medication management issues and interactions.



Medication management for older residents of rural communities who have multiple comorbid chronic diseases is a concern because poor medication management leads to poor patient outcomes (REF – most likely from your article). Community pharmacists play a key role in helping older people and their families to manage this often complex issue (REF – most likely from your article or an article supporting your article).

The issue of polypharmacy and multimorbid chronic disease is addressed in the article identified in Assignment one for this scenario, RCT: Polypharmacy and chronic disease for older Australians. The original research article ………..
-I will encourage you to structure assignment under headings.
Use the CASP headings to structure that part of your assignment. With the CASP tool, a few lines to a paragraph or two under each heading should be enough, depending on the heading, to describe your article.

The textbook is very detailed; it provides you with the information that you need to understand the concepts. Your assignment is the application of that knowledge to evaluate your article.
You are right in identifying the importance of a solid response to part B. Chapters 15, 16 and 17 help your thinking to answer this section. you can see that there is a lot to think about, so it is likely that this will take a reasonable word count to apply the concepts to your article.
-You are evaluating the article and discussing how it might translate into practice. The assignment questions guide you through that process and link with the textbook.
-Yes. Just one scenario and article for the essay. You need to be sure that your article is original research, not just a discussion or description article.
-I support the concept of setting up your assignment up under headings; having the CASP tool response reflect the textbook layout. You won’t need the detail that the textbook uses though.

-The focus of the assignment is to demonstrate that you can find evidence, evaluate evidence, make recommendations, and translate that evidence into practice and evaluate it. Please be mindful of this focus. Make sure that their inclusion supports the assignment focus. You need to be mindful of the word limit.
-You will need to use as many references as you need to support your discussion.

You will have the article that you are using, the textbook, and the CASP tool.

You may have supporting articles that your chosen article refers to that help describe the situation or clarify issues.

You may have articles that you refer to that support your evaluation discussion or your translation into practice discussion.

Helpful website :
Implementing Evidence Based Practice – select ‘Download pdf’
This paper discusses some of the factors that are important in the concept of evidence based practice. It includes the need to consider how it is implemented as much as the need to understand the concept and have the abilities to locate and interpret research studies.

Rousseau, D. M., & Gunia, B. C. (2016). Evidence-Based Practice: The Psychology of EBP Implementation. Annual Review of Psychology, 67, 667-692.

Click link to open resource.

-Greenhalgh, T., Howick, J., & Maskrey, N. (2014). Evidence based medicine: a movement in crisis? 348:g3725
Thought you might find this of use .

its useful; to think about the ways in which evidence based practice has been implemented. It is trying to highlight the tension between evidence based decision making based on research and the practice of evidence based health care which always occurs in a context that is inclusive of the patient’s individual situation. what are your thoughts about these tensions.

Click link to open resource.

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