For this assignment, write a short paper of about two (2) pages that describes a lesson that requires students to search for and read online materials, and the students with whom you intend to use the lesson

Remember to describe the diversity of the students including any literacy challenges the students might face. You may use existing online lesson plans (such as a Webquest written by someone else) as long as you include full attribution to the source of the lesson.
Then, create a screencast to show and narrate how to read multiple sites including search results. The audience for the screencast could be students in your class who might use the screencast as a resource or it could be other educators planning to address online reading in their own classrooms. Please be sure to follow all fair-use principles as they apply to your screencast. Review the resource found in the Books and Resources for this Week to learn more about screencasting, and choose a tool to create your screencast. It is important that your screencast be accessible to your professor, so avoid sites that require login to view the video. It may be helpful to send the link to a friend or family member to test before submitting it for scoring.
Length: 2-page lesson plan summary, not including the reference page.
Length: Screencast of 58 minutes
References: Minimum of five scholarly resources

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