Future Trends in Health Care

Advanced technologies, particularly in the communications and health care industries, are emerging at an astounding rate. The projected trends related to advanced technologies offer patients direct medical information, monitoring of overall health status, and remote diagnosis and treatment, among a vast array of other services. Access to health care is actually being reinterpreted by technology. Although the benefits of this access are undeniable, the possible implications and ethical issues can be challenging to fully understand.
To Prepare for This Discussion:
Consider the technology trends and devices you explored in this weeks Learning Resources. Which of these trends interests you the most or do you think might have the most impact on health care service delivery and/or quality? What kinds of ethical issues might be connected with these trends?
Evaluate one of the technology trends or devices you found most interesting in your readings. Identify the source in which you read about it and provide a link. Then, analyze at least two ethical issues you believe might be connected with or result from this trend.
Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources.

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