Gang Criminality

Writing Assignment/Research Proposal
Each student will be responsible for and must write a seven-page RESEARCH PROPOSAL.
In this writing assignment, the professor is looking for how well the student is able to integrate and apply research techniques in a proposal. Moreover, the student must demonstrate the ability
to conduct research that is guided by a criminological theory. In essence, this writing assignment has little to do with the students domain assumptions (personal beliefs and value systems).
Instead, all conclusions and inferences should be restricted to those that are provided by the tenets
of sound research application. More specifically, the proposal must contain an introduction, theory,
hypothesis, literature review, research design, data collection, data analysis, and findings. For this
assignment, students must use at least 15 references (20pts) and number each page (10pts). A
failure to do so will mean substantial points (30pts) deducted from the final proposal grade. Each
student is expected to do this assignment using the citation style of the American Psychological
Association (APA). This style can be found in journals such as: Justice Quarterly, Criminology,
and Crime and Delinquency to only name a few. This proposal is due on March 29th. The students
will be notified before the papers are called for. Late proposals will not be accepted except for the
most unusual circumstances and with Instructor approval. Proposals will be returned to students
before the final examination is given.

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