Gender Representation

Gender representation
Using Goodreads, Pinterest, or your own collection of books, find a book that features a clear gender specific stereotype to attract male or female readers. Then, redesign the book cover to make it free from gender stereotypes or bias, or to appeal to a broader audience. The goal is to make the cover one that a child would not feel embarrassed to be interested in reading or to be seen reading! #coverflip raises awareness, but it doesnt solve the problem.
You may create the cover electronically via Microsoft Publisher, Photoshop, or another electronic program, but the illustrations cannot be copyrighted and must be entirely your own (i.e. designed, based on your photography). You may also create the cover physically using art supplies, as well. If you are doing it that way, you can take a picture to turn in as well.
Note: There is nothing you need to write with this assignment. Instead, I should be able to look at the submission and easily see:
The old cover
The new cover (created entirely by you using no copyrighted content)
Understand visually why you selected the book you did and made the changes you did.

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