General Psychology

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Content Requirements
This week you are being asked to create a developmental autobiography. This autobiography will help you explore developmental issues directly related to your own personal development. In order to complete the assignment, you will need to gather personal information related to your own development. Good resources include parents, siblings, grandparents, family photos, baby books, video records, scrapbooks, report cards, medical records, etc. Once data has been collected, begin creating a chronological description of your life blending your personal information with concepts covered in this chapter.
The best way to do this is to write your descriptions as you move chronologically through the chapter. As themes or subjects relate to your own development, address it and move on to the next topic. Each subject should analyze what happened, utilizing concepts covered in the chapter, but also personal descriptions about how it looked in your life. No personal fact is correct or incorrect, but analysis of your personal facts should logically connect to points in the text.
It is necessary for you to include terms and concepts from the covered material you learned this week. Your assignment should clearly demonstrate your understanding and application of the course material.
Format Requirements
Document Type
MS Word
Paper Size
8.5 X 11″
3-5 pages
12 pt Times New Roman or Times.
Line Spacing
Double. No extra double space between paragraphs please.
5 space (or press the Tab key once)
In-text Citations & Reference List Style
File Naming Convention
Example: DoeJohnWeek4Apply
After preparing your assignment in Microsoft Word, you will submit it, as an attachment below. When you are ready, scroll down to access the +File attachment area.
Upload the file first, then write something in the input box, such as “Please see attached.” Then, you will see the ORANGE save button appear. Click the button to submit your assignment.
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