genre analysis paper

Choose three films (not sequels of each other) of the same genre. Discuss the genre and how certain elements are used in all three films. Identify signature forms, icons, or themes that each of the films have in common. In that particular genre, how is the lighting established, what is the style in music, camera placement etc. You need to write a minimum of 4 complete pages. This needs to be thoughtful analysis. This is not a research paper. Make sure that your paper has a beginning, middle, and end. You should discuss all three films and then discuss them together. What you are wanting to show with this paper is that you can use the information that you have learn over the last four weeks in a clear and concise way. Though you do not need to discuss all the topics that we have covered you need to use enough of them to properly cover the subject matter. This is not a comparison of the plot summaries of each of the films. You need to dissect them and using examples from each film compare them to the other two films from a like genre.
Paper must be typed in Microsoft Word, double spaced, and 12 point Times Roman type with one inch margins.
Save and label it the following format: 2366_Smith_Genre Analysis.doc (course number_your last name_name of the assignment.doc). Submit the paper using the Genre in Films Submission Page in the Final Credits Reel. The paper must be submitted using the submission page and in the correct format.. Not pasted. It must be saved as either a Microsoft Word document, an RTF document, or a PDF. If it is not saved in one of these formats, then I will not be able to read it and you will not receive the points for it.

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