HBR case analysis

1. Executive Summary : you should summarize the case study, The Executive summary should be concise yet comprehensive highlighting important dimension of the case.
2. Describe the business problem highlighted in the case:it should be analysis of the main problem in the case and the description should be just an abstract of the problem.
3.list and explain 2 strategies to best resolve the problem: The strategies, should be clear and action oriented Also use an example from the case in providing the rational for your strategies.
4. Explain your best strategy:pick your best strategy from the 2 strategies, provide more details about the best strategy and more examples from the case and from real life to support your position. Based on your best strategy, give clear and action oriented recommendations to the company discussed in the case, prepare an action plan with operational details. Make sure you use academic theories. (The case will be uploaded shortly in the additional files section) The case is only 3 pages

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