Health Promotion

Each below four questions should be no less than one full page with three APA references.(these are different total 4 pages and should NOT be treated as a whole paper); therefore, each question should be on a separate paper with its own APA references.

1. When thinking about Healthy People 2020 health priorities and objectives and the guidelines that have been developed to benchmark related health promotion programs, what additional marketing strategies would you suggest to promote greater interest in activating individuals and communities towards positive lifestyle change?

2. MAPP is a well accepted and subscribed to strategic health promotion framework. In reviewing the six phases of this community-focused initiative, which do you believe to be the most important and why? Please provide an example from your professional and/or community experience of a health promotion initiative that would benefit from this framework.

3. When thinking about developing a health promotion initiative, which community characteristic (e.g., cultural norms and beliefs) appears to be universal, and how does it affect the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities, workplace wellness programs, and health disparities?

4. How, when considering the leadership skills, the need for continuous quality improvement, and the commitment to best practice in a health promotion initiative, can community stakeholders best contribute?

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