Choose two of the religious traditions studied in class (Aboriginal Spirituality, Daoism,
Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam).
(NOTE: Although we will not be studying these in class, you may choose to write about
Christianity and/or Sikhism as well.)
Research, compare, and contrast the role women have played in these religious
traditions. Consider, for example, their roles institutionally (as religious leaders, within
the family, etc.), their roles in myth (religious stories, religious histories, etc.), etc
Your written essay should be approximately 5 pages in length (approx. 1250-1500
It should be typed using a 12-point font, be doubled spaced, and fully edited and proof
In the first part of this assignment you conducted research and evaluated how the
sources you found could contribute to your written essay. You are required to
incorporate at least two of those sources, of which at least one must be an academic
journal article, in the completed essay. In addition to your found sources (from the
annotated bibliography), you must use your textbook to inform your essay.
Your essay should include an introduction with a specific and clear thesis statement at
the end of the introductory paragraph.
That thesis statement should be proven throughout your essay through the use of your
research and specific examples that can demonstrate your ideas. (Please note there
are no rules regarding the number of paragraphs that you include in the body of the
essay the 5-paragraph essay is not applicable to post-secondary writing.)
To end your essay, you should include a concluding paragraph, which reiterates the
concepts from your thesis statement and demonstrates how you have proven your

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