Hogsmeadow Garden Centre

1. Hogsmeadow is a business (macro process)with many elements(micro processes) e.g. Growing plants, various plant and product retail areas, display areas ,information centre, restaurant .Choose 3 micro processes and draw an input transformation output model to explain the operation. What are the main operational performance criteria for each one (cost, quality, speed, dependability, flexibility) (30marks).
2. For each of the chosen processes explain what is meant by Volume, Variety, Variation and Variability. You may wish to present this in a table (20 marks)
3. Explain the types of seasonality or variation in demand that apply to the Garden centre. Why does this make it difficult to run the business efficiently and what would you suggest to reduce the effect of seasonality, in particular consider the problem of inventory control? (30 marks)
4. What is Dons strategy for the future of the business .Do you think this is good for the business. Consider in particular the operational implications, do you have any suggestions? (20 marks)

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