Human Resource Management

Please write an essay of not more than 2,000 words on ONE of the following topics below. You are expected to discuss theories and case studies from the course in your essay.

Coursework to be submitted via Moodle Turnitin. Work must be typed and contain an accurate word count. Please keep a copy of all work submitted. You may not sit the exam without completing this work. Extensions are given only in exceptional circumstances, and work received late is subject to a range of penalties (see Student Handbook). For further advice on writing essays, please consult the Notes on Writing Essays, also posted up on the MN2705 Moodle page, immediately under these essay titles.

1. Critically discuss the nature of the employment relationship involved in the various areas of the gig economy. Illustrate your answer with case studies of those working in these areas.

2. Migrant workers are often favoured by employers due to their superior work ethic. Critically discuss this statement using case studies to support your argument.

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