Identify and elaborate the strategies

Identify and elaborate the strategies pursued by Singapore Airlines over the years. How successful have these strategies been? (as the company enclosed in the attachment).
As in the guideline below:
Contain 6 sections:
1. Introduction:6 sentence on followings:
a) The essay about
b) The background of
c) Finding of the case studies
d) Analysis
e) Recommendation
f) Conclusion
2. Background:
Should NOT more than two paragraph.
7 lines each paragraph.
Last Sentence is identify the problem statement. Underline the problem
3. Findings:
Finding related to problem statement.
Few paragraph
Separated every line paragraph
4. Analysis
Financial Ratio Analysis:
i) Liquidity
a) Days’ Sales in Inventory
b) Current Ratio
c) Acid Test Ratio
d) Cash Ratio
ii) Long Term Debt-Paying Ability
a) Debt Ratio
b) Debt/Equity Ratio
c) Debt to Tangible Net Worth Ratio
d) Operating Cash Flow
e) Total Debt
iii) Profitability
a) Net Profit Margin
b) Return on Assets
c) Operating Income Margin
d) Return on Investment
e) Gross Profit Margin
iv) Investor Analysis
a) Earnings per share
b) Operating Cash Flow per Share
c) Price/Earnings Ratio
d) Book Value per Share
Recommendation from analysis
5. Recommendation
6. Conclusion.

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