Individual Reflective Report

Assessment 2: Individual Reflective Report Due 15/1/18
You must produce an individual report, whichincludes a discussion and evaluation of:
the role of line management in managing employees
the skills required by line managers for effective people management;
your own current skill level in relation to the skills you have identified, drawing on clear evidence of personal reflection to support your conclusions, and identifying areas of strength and areas for future development

Your discussion should be informed by appropriate academic sources in relation to the role and skills of line managers, and your work should draw on at least 7 appropriate sources.

You are encouraged to identify 3-5 key skills, to explain their importance, to explore what they mean in practice, and to relate them to specific aspects of good people management.

You will be encouraged to produce an entry for your report on a weekly basis in relation to what you have learned in the lectures and seminars about the role and required skills for line managers as well as your own skill levels, enabling you to build this assessment as the module progresses. As well as drawing on your learning from classes, you may also draw on experience and evidence from outside your studies, e.g. from work or other roles and responsibilities. You should draw on appropriate academic sources and resources to discuss both the role of reflection and the skills required for effective people management, and reference them clearly in your work.

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