This semester you will be focusing your attention on writing up your IMP 2 project work. Here are some helpful guidelines.

IMP 2 is made up of two parts Part 1 & Part 2.

Submissions to BREO will be made together in one document, but with clearly marked sections Part 1 & Part 2.

Submission Deadline: By 12 noon Oman time on 2nd January 2018

PART 1: Produce a report that:
Identifies an issue in your own organisation that has multiple and varied approaches to its resolution. This should be current or impending but not a past issue.

Identify and integrate a range of theories and techniques drawn from multiple appropriate disciplines from your MBA in the creation of appropriate solutions.
Identify and discuss theories, models and paradigms related to the problem. Make sure that you look at the problem from different points of view and relate them to your learning from as many different units of the MBA.

Produce a critical review of the literature of your work in Part 1 compilation and integration of a range of theories and techniques drawn from multiple appropriate disciplines from your MBA.
Critically evaluate the concepts, theories, models (tools) used in Part 1. This part of your assessment will reflect the debates in the literature about the concepts used.

Assessment: Reflective Report (20% Weighting)
Produce a reflective account that:
Critically evaluates your capabilities at managing the process of producing the Project and reflects upon your development and Future needs as a practitioner based on your learning during the Project. (2000 words).

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