Distribution date: Week of Dec. 4, 2017
Due date: Week of Dec. 18. 2017
Value: 40%
Answer any 6 of the following 10 essay questions:

1. One of the first things you were taught about interpersonal communication is the concept that there is no such thing as no communication between people.
a. What does this concept mean to you?
b. Why is it important to take this concept into account in your daily communication?

2. The development of self is strongly influenced by our early attachment styles.
a. Briefly explain the 4 attachment styles and their likely consequences on views of self and others.
b. Explain the attachment style that you relate to most and how it has impacted your interpersonal communication style.

3. Why is it important to be self-aware of your communication style as a SSW?

4. Regarding perception and communication:
a. How does perception affect communication?
b. Provide an example of a perceptual error that you have made in the past.
c. Provide examples of 2 guidelines that you will try to follow to enhance your perception as a SSW.

5. Explain the 4 main obstacles to effective communication of emotions. Provide an example of how each has affected you.

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