Interview-based essay

Topic: Interviewbased essay (about 2,400 words) together with a transcript of interview

Step 1:
Pick ONE of the newer leadership theories in the following:
? Transformational leadership
? Charismatic leadership
? Distributed/shared leadership
? Leader-member-exchange
? Negative leadership
? Implicit leadership theory/Romance of leadership
? Ethical and Authentic leadership

Step 2:
Research the chosen theory and:
? Write a concise but robust literature review and if appropriate briefly explain its links and differences to other theories
? Ensure all theory specified is referenced accordingly following APA protocols
? Consider how your chosen theory may manifest itself in practice so you are able to plan interview questions

Step 3:
Interview a leader (currently working in an organization) for about 30 minutes with respect to the main theory that you have picked
(Just need a proposed questions and answers in the form of a transcript of the interview, actual interview is not needed)
For interviews:
? How will you get access to the interviewee, where will the interview take place, how will you ensure the interview will not be interrupted
? After the interview the interviewee happy any follow up issues?

For the interview technique, the proposed interview record, it should include:
? Settle the interviewee into the interview by explaining the reason and process and cover informed consent
? Use 3 or 4 open questions to get the person talking
? Use Probe questions to follow up
? Use closed questions to check and confirm details

Step 4:
Analyse the interview and integrate the practical examples with theory:
? Identify the extent to which the responses provide evidence that the main theory you have chosen exists in practice
? Provide illustrative quotes to support your argument
? Provide links to referenced literature
? Identify, where appropriate , any evidence from your interview that link to; supports; prove; or disapproves alternative leadership theories
? Ensure all theory specified is referenced accordingly following APA protocols
Essay contents
1. Introduction – a brief summary of the assignment, identifying the main theory chosen
2. Literature review a concise but in-depth review of the literature with full use of a wide range of academic sources
3. Interview methodology explaining who was chosen, how the interviews were conducted, the questions asked and a rationale for these choices
4. Integration analysing the responses in line with and referring to the theory from section 2 and if appropriate other leadership theories
5. Conclusion a brief summary of your findings
6. References and bibliography following Harvard APA protocols
7. Appendix: A copy of the interview transcript

Essay writing style
? Write in a prose style, avoiding excessive use of bullet points. But do use headings and sub headings to signpost the essay for the reader
? The essay is an academic piece of work and is therefore written using the third person. E.g.
The examples provide by the interviewee appear to suggest that negative leadership is common, as suggested by Tepper (2000).

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