Interview Project

Select a person from a culture distinctively different from your own ethnic background. Prior to the interview you should research the culture in cross-cultural journals with regard to psychological issues and important historical events. You should have knowledge of the culture prior to the interview focusing on geography, resources, economy, sociopolitical issues, foods, holidays, styles of communication, etc. You may utilize some of the web resources listed below.

Interview the person. All interviews must cover the following topics:

Faith-based traditions
Role of women in the culture
Acculturation process and related experiences
History of the familys immigration to the U.S.
Experiences, if any, with oppression either in the United States or in the home country
Your preliminary research will guide you in other questions unique to the culture and the individual.
Based on your preliminary research and the interview, note similarities and differences from your own personal/cultural norms. You will then write a 5-6 page paper that details what you have learned about the culture of the person who you interviewed AND the particular experiences of this person in the United States. The paper should not include all the questions and answers asked of the interviewee but an overall assessment of the project.

Do not include the name of the person that you interviewed in the paper. 10 points per day will be deducted for late submission.

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