Journaling Project

Journaling Project
For this assignment, you may choose to hand-write or blog (using a site such as blogspot or Tumblr) at least 16 different entries throughout our journey with Chris. Each entry is to be a minimum of 150 words.
When he encountered Chriss writing, Sean Penn felt as if he were scripting the movie to his life, something he quickly said that Chris would have hated. You will need to alternate between both third and first person points of view in your journals. Diligently notice how changing the point of view alters the entries.
The following are questions to use to get you started. You may use each one as an idea starter for some of your entries:
How do we construct identity through our actions, interests, values and beliefs?
What is the relationship between nature and American identity?
What does it mean to be a rebel?
What is the relationship between self and society?
What is success?
To what extent is community essential to happiness?
How can the natural world provide answers to human questions?
How can we live deliberately?
In what ways do our relationships shape us?
How do we know whats true?
Whats the difference between living deliberately (close to the edge) and acting recklessly?

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