Law and ethics – subject assessment

Law & Ethics Subject Assessment 1
John writes to Joanne on June 1st offering to sell her his car for 10,000. On the June 8th having received no reply he decides to withdraw this offer and sends a second letter to that effect. On the June 10th Joanne receives the original letter and immediately contacts Johns office by telephone to convey her acceptance. She follows this up with a letter posted the same day. Johns second letter arrives on June 17th and on the same day Joanne hears from a third party that John has sold the car to somebody else.
Discuss the legalities involved in this scenario with regard to contract law. Remember to refer to case law/ illustrative examples to support your answer.
Eg: Eg : commane v Walsh
Adam v Lindsell (Postal Rule)
Fisher v bell
Dickinson v Dodds
Russell v Baird & Hoban

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