Literacy matters

For this assignment, plan a lesson for your class or that of a colleague teaching an elementary level class that includes literacy tasks and serves the needs of a diverse student population including some students who struggle with literacy learning. You may refer to real students you know by using pseudonyms or create fictional students. You may wish to refer to the reading profile reference from Week 2.
Describe the context for the lesson including whole class or small group activity, content to be learned, prior lessons that lead to this one, and the students for whom you will need to differentiate instruction. Using the lesson you have created, annotate the lesson or provide an explanation for any tasks that will be differentiated and how that will be accomplished. Use course resources to support your selection of instructional routines and how you will differentiate to ensure that students will improve their literacy proficiencies.
Length: 57 pages, not including title or reference pages
References: Minimum of three to five Scholarly resources

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